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With Heart Program

All children are born with an innate sense of charity and compassion. We believe it is important to maintain and support a child’s inherent kindness. That’s why our Branches work to educate children that they are part of a larger community, a community that they can personally make a positive impact on.

It is never too early to help children experience the joy of giving to others while learning to take responsibility for their actions and developing a sense of citizenship. Every BungalowBranch location participates in national and local community events and supports specific charities in a variety of activities throughout the year.

One of our favorite BungalowBranch With Heart Programs was in 2012 when BungalowBranch locations honored our military service men and women by sending cheerful messages and well wishes through postcards and letters.

Another near-and-dear BungalowBranch With Heart Program is our participation in local SIDS Awareness campaigns. Too many families experience the loss of a child due to SIDS and it’s important to BungalowBranch to show these families our support.

Some of our BungalowBranch locations get their families and neighbors to participate in local volunteering and donation drives. Some of these events include Adopting A Family for the Holidays, Food Drives, Clothing Donations, and more!

To help develop a sense of caring and community for your child you can do such things as…


Young children learn better by doing. Helping a neighbor is a great way to start. Helping mom and dad by setting and clearing the table is another way to install what it means to help. Get creative and keep it hands-on.


Giving clothing and toys that are no longer worn or played with is a great way for the whole family to participate. This is a powerful way to demonstrate sharing and giving to a young child. This can also show your child that other children may have less, may not be as fortunate, and give your child a sense of gratitude and appreciation for what s/he does have.


Let your child know when s/he demonstrates caring by comforting an infant, picking up a toy a child dropped and giving it to them, or saying thank-you when they receive a gift.

It is all of the little things that add up to making caring a part of their lives. We encourage you to learn more about your community’s events and explore how you and your family can participate. Inform your BungalowBranch location of these events so everyone can get involved – more good can always be done when we work together!

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