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Our Home Environment

All of our locations are tailored to be your child’s home away from home.

BungalowBranch oversees all of our homes. Our homes are inspected by BungalowBranch as well as the state in which they are located.* All of our locations offer spacious room that is childproofed and ready for your child to grow, play, and learn.** Backyards are safely fenced in and provide even more play space for your child to explore.


Baby’s discoveries are safely nurtured in our safe and baby-proofed space.
We are so much more than infant daycare. Our nurturing providers guide our babies’ early experiences. From the peaceful sleeping area to cozy rocking chairs where babies are held and fed, children are in a very special place where they receive unmatched personal attention. Nurturing providers spend lots of time cuddling and talking to the babies to instill trust and provide a healthy environment for movement, exploration, and communication. Our providers work with families to develop children’s daily schedule including nap times, play times, and bottle times.


Within the consistent structure toddlers crave, children enjoy a daily balance of quiet activities; spirited music and movement; and plenty of outdoor PLAY, running, jumping, and just getting to be a kid.
Toddlers practice hand washing, putting on clothing, picking up toys and sharing with friends – all in a safe and nurturing child care setting. From first steps to potty-training, our providers offer support for children’s progress in a fun and active learning environment. Our spaces include learning centers designed for children to explore the world with blocks, puzzles, creative art, dramatic play, and lots of books.


We use proven curriculum to help guide our preschoolers and ensure they are on the path for kindergarten readiness.
Learning centers within the classroom – both indoor and outdoor – provide opportunities for children to develop self-confidence, problem-solving, and practice decision-making in math, science, dramatic play, music, creative art, and computers, while balancing both shared and independent learning experiences. Lessons are incorporated through quiet reading nooks, writing centers, and specially designated centers. Preschoolers enjoy real-world learning experiences, including special visits from local community helpers and special field trips to fun local destinations. A cheery atmosphere sets the stage for learning through play, including circle time and enrichment programs such as fitness, foreign language, art, manners, yoga, and more, which are incorporated into the children’s
daily schedule.


Activities and ages will vary by location.
* State standards, inspections, policies, laws, and procedures vary state-by-state.
** Sizes of homes and square footage allowable for child care space will vary by location.

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