Quality Assurance Guarantee

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Quality Assurance Guarantee

Your child’s health and well-being is our primary concern and our Quality Assurance Guarantee (QAG) is designed to provide you with the utmost reassurance.


  • Respect for the individual needs of every child
  • A warm and nurturing atmosphere in a safe setting
  • Open and daily communication with families
  • A team of professional providers committed to early childhood education and development
  • A learning environment with opportunities for creativity and exploration

While every state has different licensing, laws, guidelines, and standards for in-home child care, every BungalowBranch location is overseen to ensure they meet its state’s and BungalowBranch’s requirements in the areas of health and safety policies and procedures, as well as curriculum and program performance. State* and BungalowBranch visits are made to each location, some announced and others unannounced, to provide helpful guidance on how to continuously improve for the benefit of the children and their families.

You can rest assured that our BungalowBranch programs meet or exceed quality standards and support the emotional, social, and behavioral and physical development of your child.

*State visits and licensing requirement vary state-by-state.


We are one of few child care programs that offer a guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason with your experience while in our program and you choose to terminate care, you’ll receive your registration fee back 100% in full!

*Families must request to have their registration fee refunded at time of terminating child care services via our Child Care Termination Form.

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