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Starling Branch

Child Care in Columbus, Ohio

Zip Code: 43209
Serving Ages: 6 Weeks – 3 Years Old

Open: Mon-Fri 7:30am-6:00pm
Calendar: Open Full-Year (all 12 months)
Programs: Full Time, Part Time, Drop-In Care (Daytime, Evening, Weekend), Parents Night Out

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• 1 FREE Parents Night Out (3 Hour Max)


YOUR CHILD’S EXPERIENCEStarling Branch Amy Straiton Bexley Ohio
Here at Starling Branch’s home daycare your child will be immersed in a loving and nurturing social environment while also receiving individualized one-on-one care that normal daycare centers cannot provide. Starling branch works closely with you, the parents, to provide the ideal care experience for your child and peace of mind!


AMY STRAITONStarling Branch Amy Straiton Bexley Ohio
I have been helping care for children since I was very little. I have had extensive experience caring for children with severe allergies, and I spent 5 summers volunteering for Camp Dovetail summer camp for special needs children. I have worked as a part time and full time babysitter, as well as a full time nanny. With a total of 12+ years child care experience.

• 15+ Years of Child Care Experience
• Associates of Early Childhood Development
• First Aid Training
• CPR Certified
• Fingerprinted Background Check (FBI & BCI)
• NAFCC Member

TESTIMONIALStarling Branch Amy Straiton Bexley Ohio
“As an employer of several different child care professionals over the years we can truly say that Amy Straiton was our best hire. Amy worked around our schedules when needed, she was contentious, kind, and patient with our children. She worked well with us and we didn’t have to repeat instructions. We always knew our children were safe when they were with Amy and she was great about finding creative projects to do with the children and finding nearby parks or libraries to occupy their time. Amy truly cares about our children and became part of our family. Amy was a fantastic help to us as a family and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking for care for their children.”
– Henry and Julie C. 

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PROVIDER : CHILD RATIOStarling Branch Amy Straiton Columbus Ohio
1 Provider : 6 Children

A maximum of 6 children with no more than 3 children under the age of 2 per Ohio Law.

• Complimentary Diapers & Diaper Supplies
• All Meals & Snacks Provided
• Some Organic Food
• Baby Sign Language
• Emergency Back-Up Care
• Special Needs CareStarling Branch Amy Straiton Columbus Ohio
• Care for Twins/Multiples
• Classroom/Play Room & Fenced in Backyard
• Quiet & Safe Neighborhood
• Individualized One-On-One Care

Here is a snapshot of what your child’s structured day is like at this Branch:
7:30-9:00          Drop-offs, Social Play and TV time
9:00-9:30          Breakfast (milk, fruit, bread/grains or meat)
9:30-9:45          Diaper Changes/ Potty time
9:45-10:00          Circle Time & Sack #1Starling Branch Amy Straiton Bexley Ohio
10:00-10:45          Morning Nap/ Quiet-play
10:45-12:00          Classroom Time
12:00-12:30          Lunch Prep, Lunch, Lunch Clean Up (milk, fruit, vegetable, bread/grain, protein)
12:30-1:00          Clean Up, Diaper Changes/Potty time
1:00-4:00          Nap-time/Quiet-time
4:00-4:30          Snack #2
4:30-5:15          Creativity Activity
5:15-6:00          Social Play and Pick-ups

SPECIALSStarling Branch Amy Straiton Bexley Ohio
Music & Dance
Tuesday: Science
Wednesday: Arts & Crafts
Thursday: Large Muscle Movement
Friday: Special Movie

• Clean & Professionally Childproofed
• Fenced in Outdoor Play Area
• Nearby ParksStarling Branch Amy Straiton Columbus Ohio
• Indoor Play Area for Those Cold Days
• Sidewalks in Neighborhood
• Amy Lives with Her Husband, Dan

June 2016

I am the oldest of 8 children, I love the outdoors, I am very creative, and love anything artsy! My latest interest has been cakes – Birthday, graduation, baby showers, etc. I also love music and play piano, violin, and the flute. I have also written several songs of my own!


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